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How To Gain Muscle Mass | Naturally | Effective Way

How To Gain Muscle Mass | Today, we are talking about building muscles and we are going to keep it basic, it will be the most helpful for everyone who wants to start gain muscle. You've ever seen on this topic and it might throw a few curveballs your way.

How To Gain Muscle Mass
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If you are really want to start anything not just what you might think it is, but how intensely focused you are on that goal and how you are going to get there. If you are trying to build muscles and that is what your goal is, how committed are you to gain muscles.

Here are some natural and effective way to gain weight>>

Gain muscles start with a plan because if you don't have that you won't succeed in gain muscle, when you go to the gym you have to have some sort of plan for that day and how it going to get you closer to build muscles goal such as exercise schedule plan like which exercise you have to do today, your diet plan like what to eat healthy foods before and after the exercise which is the most important part in gaining muscles. Ask your gym instructor to make your exercise schedule, then start to follow with your schedule.

How To Gain Muscle Mass
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How To Gain Muscle Fast | Once it gains more muscle mass while losing weight is the number one Fitness goal of most people some are struggling with being skinny let me tell you the best way to put it into your skinny days is to put on muscle whether you have a certain goal like getting into bodybuilding or you simply just want to fill out a t-shirt you'll eventually have to begin somewhere.

Here are the five most important points given below, that you have to do during muscle building:

1. Eat muscle fuel foods needless to say eating is the most crucial step in gaining muscle for starters. You need to consume tons of protein, which are building blocks for muscles another thing is that your body needs carbohydrates to provide energy for your body insufficient carbs will cause your body to start using muscle and proteins as sources of energy muscle fuel foods include rice, oats, nuts, chicken, eggs, fish, pasta, and steak.

How To Gain Muscle Mass
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2. Maximize muscle-building, do you know what the more proteins stored in your body the more your muscles develop still our body is regularly using up, its protein reserves for other functions such as producing hormones as such your body is left with less protein for muscle building so to solve this you have to develop and store new proteins faster than your body can break down old proteins.

3. Eat more and often when gaining muscle weight your body needs to get all the nutrients it needs eating three meals a day isn't enough, for instance, it's best to eat a heavy breakfast then have a snack two hours late eating something every three hours should be enough to aid your body in gain muscles. 

4. Focus on compound exercises do away with those fancy machines and elaborate, ABS exercises frankly speaking they aren't that effective particularly at the start of training when you have to pack muscle all over your body you have to perform highly engaging exercises like squats, bench presses, deadlifts, dips, pull-ups, bent over, rows, and military presses to challenge most of your body's muscles do two to three sets of eight to twelve reps with around one-minute rest between sets.

How To Gain Muscle Mass
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5. Take a drink that's rich in essential amino acids and carbohydrates, which is best for gaining muscles when exercise boosts blood flow to your working tissues having a carbohydrate-protein mixture, before your workout may result in greater uptake of the amino acids in your muscles protein drinks are usually taken before a workout when they are absorbed faster around 10 to 20 grams of protein should be enough for your shape number six lift every other day after performing a full-body workout. 

Always try to lift heavyweight, if you want to gain muscles fast and strength you need to have heavy exercise but initially start with lightweight and start increasing weight gradually. Once you'll lift start heavier weight, your muscles start to grow naturally.

How To Gain Muscle Mass
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Your body needs rest after exercise to recover and grow muscles, if you do hard exercises every day your muscles can't get recover so take a break for two days in a week, it helps to gain muscles. Always take quality sleep to gain muscles and good mental health.

make sure to follow it up with a day of rest according to studies, challenging weight exercise boosts protein synthesis for as long as 48 hours right after your workout session also your muscles grow when your body is at rest not when it's worked out.

Important note: Don't try to get steroids to gain muscle mass fast, you can't turn bodybuilder in six months because it takes too much time so you have to be patient and just keep hard-working and always eat healthy foods, just focuses on the upgrade yourself, you'll succeed in your goal.

How to gain muscles at home: Here are some basic home exercises that you can perform anywhere, you don't need to get a gym membership click here to know those exercises.


How To Gain Weight In a Week Naturally | Effective Way

How to gain weight! Many people are actually worried about being underweight and they are also facing many types of problems such as lower confidence, malnutrition, lower self-esteem, hesitation, appearance issue, mental illness, and many more.

How To Gain Weight In a Week Naturally
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Being below your ideal weight could be harmful to your health. Being underweight can result in fatigue and can make a person feel weak and low in energy. For women specifically, not having enough bodyweight especially body fat can result in hormone irregularities and disruptions in the menstrual cycle, which can be detrimental to bone health. Being underweight can be especially dangerous for pregnant women and can increase the risk of premature births.

How To Gain Weight In a Week Naturally
Image source Clinical advisor
One of the most common causes of underweight is malnutrition which can lead to osteoporosis which literally means porous bone and the risk for malnutrition increases for underweight people, due to not getting enough calories or absorbing enough nutrients and malnutrition also can lead us to hair loss, hair thinning, dry skin, reduced heart function, low immunity, gastrointestinal changes, depression, and many more.

How to Gain Weight in a Week

How To Gain Weight In a Week Naturally
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Healthy Foods: Some healthy food provides most important nutrients which help to gain weight naturally and instantly without any side-effect and these types of food are also beneficial for your entire health because they are an excellent source of protein which build muscles mass such as Milk, Cheese, Peas, Chick Peas, Rice, Beans, Lentils, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Almonds, and Beans. Furthermore, if you don't have any problem consuming non-veg then your chance of gaining ideal weight increases such as Chicken, Beef, Tuna Fish, Salmon Fish, Crab, and Shrimp.

Sleep Well: Underweight people who want to gain their weight should sleep for at least 8 hours daily because getting enough sleep helps to grow muscles and increases fat.

Exercise: Start going to the gym for weight lifting it will help you to get muscle mass and improve your strength. Always try to lift heavy weight over time will build muscle mass instead of fat and exercise also stimulate your appetite.

If you follow these three patterns in a healthy manner and in moderation, your body will start to increase within a week.

Here are a few tips to help you make the best food choices for healthy plant-based weight gain quality over volume while you may need to eat more food overall, keep your focus on choosing nutrient-dense and calorically-dense foods. Pay attention to foods that will help you get enough macronutrients, carbohydrates, fat, and protein and it will also help you meet your needs for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. This may mean focusing on foods that don’t fill you up with air and water and aiming for more calorically dense whole foods. Eat More Calories.

How To Gain Weight In a Week Naturally
Image source Pixabay

1. Oats 1 or 1/2 cups
2. Almonds and Raisins
3. Take 2-3 Eggs in any form
4. 2 slices of brown bread with butter
1. 2 Bananas
2. Milk with honey
3. Bread with Peanut butter with taking anything you like.

After 1 or 2 hours take some fruits such as banana, apple, and avocado.


In lunch, take anything you have with Yogurt and Salad. I personally recommend you take the chicken or any non-veg at lunch.


Take Pasta and Sweet potatoes or Chilli potato anything you like


Take any food + lentils with 3 chapatis and salad.

Before sleep take milk mixed with honey.

After workout takes 5 boiled eggs with dried fruits after half an hour takes a banana shake, which will build your muscles mass instantly.
How To Gain Weight In a Week Naturally
Image source Pixabay
If you are underweight and facing such issues in life then you need to move your body to put an optimally healthy weight in the natural way instead of artificial gainer shakes which are sold in the market they can lead to some internal problems.


How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Home Remedies | Effective Way

Glowing skin is something that makes us looks good and attractive, it's natural for skin to lose the glow and healthy look because skin ages as our body glow old. The skin may also develop pigmentation and uneven skin tone does look unattractive so keeping the glowing skin could be quite challenging but it isn't really that difficult to keep your skin glowing.

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Home Remedies
Image source Pixabay

Get Glowing Skin Naturally 

Take these tips presented below to work out how to easily reach the naturally glowing skin:

Exercise isn't good only for your health and substance, it's also beneficial for your skin because during the exercise people get sweat when the body releases harmful chemicals that made up under the skin and sweat allow the blood circulation to flow throughout the body. Furthermore, workout keeps the eye pumping and the skin glowing.

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Home Remedies
Image source Pixabay
Here are best 5 workout>>

Healthy Foods: 
Consuming Health foods allows you to get smooth and shiny skin. Here are some healthy superfoods that'll help you to get glowing skin includes Walnuts, Eggs, Oranges, Grapes, Spinach, Meat, Blueberries, and many more.
There is no doubt that all the organics foods are beneficial for our entire health, there are more superfoods that'll help you to get have clear and glowing skin superfoods you can see here.

Enough Sleeping:
Sleep for at least seven hours daily it's another way to glow your skin, when you sleep your body boosts blood flow to the skin which makes the skin glow. Lack of sleep could make your complexion drab. if you can't get enough sleeping so you can take power naps at noon it will be also helpful to get glowing skin.

Everybody knows that drinking enough water is good for health but most people don't know that drinking enough water is key to get good skin as it rinses out toxins. Moreover, water keeps the skin cells hydrated which prevents skin imperfection, darkness, wrinkles, and drinking enough water helps to get shiny skin.

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Home Remedies
Image source Pixabay 
Sandalwood is one of the best remedies to get glowing skin, it is used as a natural therapy for skin treatment because it contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that treat all types of skin problems such as itching, allergy, redness, psoriasis, and other types of issue can be cured by sandalwood.


Turmeric helps to improve skin luminosity and decreasing darkness. Turmeric brings glow and shine to the skin, consuming turmeric regularly will give healthy glowing skin and also reduce the dark marks and black spots on the face. Additionally, we can make face pack (Ubtan) by using turmeric which gives instant glowing which has been passed down the generations.

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Home Remedies
Image source Pixabay
Shiny is skin deep, If we take care of our body from the inside, it naturally shows on the skin. Anything eaten in a healthy manner and in moderation is good for the body and skin. Anyone can get the healthy and glowing skin if they choose the right supplements, there are a lot of right supplement sources such as Green Chilies which are loaded with full of anti-bacterial properties that help us to cure skin infections and acne, it also gives healthy and glowing skin due to the presence of Vitamin C. Moreover, green chilies also help to reduce the cholesterol level and improve fibrinolytic activity which can prevent the formation of blood clots.

Aloe Vera Gel:
Aloe Vera Gel is one of the most widely used in herbal remedies for many diseases such as Diabetes, Liver Infection, Kidney Infection, Body Detoxification, and many more. It contains wondering properties which help to cure instantly all type of skin diseases and it increases the blood circulation to the skin and provides essential minerals and vitamins to the skin which makes skin shiny and attractive.

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Home Remedies
Image source Pixabay
Rice Flour:
Rice Flour is another extremely high ingredient for healthy and shiny skin. It removes impurities and reveals glowing clearer skin.

Everyone needs to have a warm, clean, and glowing skin always but do they focus on their food and exercise ever? No! they always apply on their faces artificial creams, chemical-based creams which has a lot of side-effects such as they can irritate your eyes and skin, Develop Toxins, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Asthma, Hair Loss, Sculp Burns, Neurotoxicity some chemical that used in hair dry and nail polish they could be dangerous for your immune system and could carry the risk of birth defects, and many more. 

Cervical Spine Pain | Reasons | Diagnosed | Remedies

Cervical Spine Pain – Reasons and Remedies

In Modern time we encounter several deceases in the human body, cervical problems is one of them. We are discussing here the main reasons for such issues and possible remedies to overcome with it alongside some suggestions avoid such problems.

Cervical Spine Pain | Reasons | Diagnosed | Remedies
Image source Pixabay

Let’s understand first what is cervical:

That’s the upper back part of our shoulders which is connected through several veins and muscles. It provides support mainly in the movement of the upper parts of our body like shoulders & neck and helps to present a good body posture. Whenever we face any kind of cervical issue, our body starts paining and the body posture got disturbed from its original position which again creates very drastic problems, like migraine, blood pressure, paralysis, strokes, and others.

Major causes of cervical spine pain: 

working too late for the day is one of the main reasons for this problem. Nowadays while struggling with different types of work culture and increasing desire to grow fast, people have forgotten their health importance and giving more time to their work. Specifically, in offices where people are sitting too late wherein, their sitting posture got dismantled with such tiredness and start ignoring the right sitting position. 

If we sit in a wrong position, that will gradually transform the spinal shape from its original one and hence the inception of Cervical spine pain. Although there are some other reasons for cervical spine pain like not having proper rest, wrong sleeping posture, deficiency of iron and vitamin D, and other body weaknesses, but a distraught lifestyle is still having the upper hand.


Few tests can help to diagnose the condition:

Cervical spine pain can be diagnosed by physical examination like a doctor may ask the person to make some moves to examine his range of motion such as pushing the head ahead and bringing the jaw down to the chest including the doctor may check gait and position by asking a person to walk a short-range.

Furthermore, the doctors may also recommend for a Neck X-ray which can show abnormalities in the neck that indicate cervical.

CT scan - It can give more detailed imaging especially of bones.

Cervical Spine Pain | Reasons | Diagnosed | Remedies
Image source Pixabay
MRI - It can help pinpoint territories where nerves may be squeezed.

How to avoid cervical pain:

That’s very simple for the person who actually wants to overcome this decease, and that is just to live focusing on your own health, giving priority to personal life along with professional. There are several ways which can be tried as a precautionary measure in daily life:

1. Stick to work time unless requires necessary.
2. Avoid relentless sitting instead, start taking small breaks from work after every couple of hours.
3. Do quick stretching in the office too while sitting or standing.
4. Do walk as much as you can by doing your little things yourself like bringing water, tea, coffee at the workplace.
5. Take proper rest and a night of good tight sleep, this is very important as without having mental peace one can’t focus on physical fitness.

Remedies if got stuck in this decease:

Only the person who is suffering from cervical spine pain can understand the grief in this decease, he/she even can’t think of any possible treatment at the time of this pain, despite knowing all the possible tricks. A person who is undergoing cervical spine pain can try the below practices to conquer this.

Cervical Spine Pain | Reasons | Diagnosed | Remedies
Image source Pixabay
Exercise – Doing exercise under a good trainer is the best option to stay fit and to keep the spine healthy. There are various type of exercises a person can do, like running, Yoga, aerobic, light weight lifting, and stretching. 

The best exercise that you can perform anywhere to get impressive physic>>

Stretching – Stretching is called the best exercise to fight and overcome with cervical spine pain, that too while focusing on the upper part of the body, like moving of necks, shoulders, arms, and spine which can distinctively work for complete cervical.

Acupuncture – a very famous technique to relieve body pain in which treatment does with needling to some very specific parts of the body. However, another question always comes in mind about how successful this technique to cure any pain permanently, but yes to some extent it works.

Medication – A person can try to increase the necessary minerals for the body, like iron, calcium, vitamins D, and others if anything is subsidence. For that purpose, any of the techniques can seek like, Allopathy, Ayurvedic, or Homeopathy and others. Though in the case of cervical Ayurvedic assumed to be the best technique as it tries not only to cure the problem rather immune to the body.

These cures work for any type of cervical case less severe or more severe cases but if somebody has more severe should visit a specialist.

Here are some superfoods that are essential for our body and which has surprising health benefits>>

Notwithstanding, whatever the treatment anyone avail yet a healthy lifestyle is always the most significant prerequisite for cervical spine pain and a person should always focus on that only.


Improve Your Eyes Health By Natural Ways | Reduce the Level of Age-Related Issues

Improve your Eyes health, Eyes problems became a common problem when smartphones have come into everyone's hands. Specifically, negative affect on children's eyes because nowadays children are using the phone a lot.

Improve Your Eyes Health By Natural Ways
Image source Pixabay
Now it becomes a threat for everyone from the lockdown was announced by the government due to coronavirus (COVID-19) because when the lockdown was announced everyone's stuck at their homes they are not able to go outside or neither any physical work to do. In a lockdown, people spend more and more time with their smartphones.

Improve Your Eyes Health By Natural Ways
Image source Pixabay
According to a survey, Before announced the lockdown, Social-Media platforms were on normal around 165 minutes out of each day. After announced the lockdown the figures bounced to 280 minutes per day, the survey included that around 70 percent of people were spending their lot of time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. All of these things have a very negative effect on their eyes and entire physical health.

Here are some common problem of spending too much time on the smartphone:

  • Retina Damage
Smartphone releases blue light and has a direct reflection of blue light which is conducted by LED gadgets can wind up truly harming the retina and it can affect the ability to see a target that is in front of you.
  • Closer Focus
Carrying your eyes more like computerized screens power your eyes to work more sincerely to concentrate on specific territories at the short closeness which can truly affect the eyes.

Improve Your Eyes Health By Natural Ways
Image source Pixabay
  • Headache
Headache is one of the most common side-effects of using a phone or computer continuously because eyes are directly connected to the brain. Eye strain and headache can be set off by the brightness of the screen against the dimness of the subject, because of this, eyes try to have the focus to the center which can stimulate the eyes muscles.
  • Migraine
Some eye strain can likewise prompt migraines which can be notably worst. Alongside the pulsating and beating, headache can accompany sickness and visual indication like temporary blindness and many more.

Here are some natural way to improve mental health>>

We can't neglect it that technology made our life bunch easier it saves our time and it made our life more enjoyable but we should also understand that using most of anything can harm and use more smartphones, tablets, laptops can harm a lot and it directly affects our eyes and brain.

Here Are Some Natural Way and Essential Nutrients For Eyes Health:

There are some essential nutrients for eyes that are helping to maintain your eyes function and protect your eyes and it also helps to reduce the level of eye side.

1. Omega-3 fatty acids - Omega-3 is mostly found in fishes and it may help to protect eyes from macular degeneration including dry eye condition. Furthermore, Omega-3 fatty acids likewise may help proper drainage of intraocular fluid from the eyes and reduce the risk of high eye pressure. Omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial for the entire body.

These following nuts and seeds also are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids :
  1. Walnuts
  2. Lentils Nuts
  3. Peanuts
  4. Cashew Nuts
  5. Brazil Nuts
  6. Chia Seeds
  7. Flex Seeds
  8. Hemp Seeds
2. Citrus Fruits - Some citrus fruits such as Oranges, Lemons, and, Grapes are providing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E which helps to fight age-related eye issues and it helps to enhance eyesight.

3. Vegetables - Everyone used to eat vegetables in lunch or dinner and some people do not like to eat vegetables but do you know vegetables have surprising health benefits and some leafy green vegetables providing Lutein and Zeaxanthin nutrients which are the elixir for the eyes such as Spinach, Collards, and Kale.

Here are some common foods that we eat and it is good for the eyes:
  1. Sweet Potatoes
  2. Carrots
  3. Eggs
  4. Red Meat
  5. Water
Improve Your Eyes Health By Natural Ways
Image source Pixabay

Exercise for Eyes - You need to do exercise for at least 30 minutes for your body which improved blood circulation in the body and it is useful to the little veins in the eyes as it eliminates unsafe substances that may have been stored.

Rest of Eyes - When you are constantly working or using a laptop or computer then you can close your eyes in between for one minute for refreshing your eyes and it also helps to protect your eyes from exertion and exhaustion.

Sleeping - Your body needs to get enough sleep for your health and wellbeing when you get enough sleep your eyes become refreshed.

Quit Smoking - Smoking can build your chance of creating cataracts and can cause age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Furthermore, smoking can lessen the number of antioxidants that are valuable to your eyes.

Improve Your Eyes Health By Natural Ways
Image source Pixabay


Improve Your Mental Health | It's Most Important | Get Rid of Mental Illness

Mental health is the most important thing at every stage of life that we always ignore it, and it has become a common disease anyone can get mental illness easily, It is a brain-based condition which has a wrong influence on mind thoughts,
Image source Pixabay

Mental Illness

Mental illness is our psychological, social prosperity, and emotions which affect our thinking, feelings, and behavior. It is a condition when the brain has changed in a manner by which they can't feel or behave in manners they need to which means experiencing extraordinary and surprising changes in mood.

Nobody can believe that there are more than 180 indexed forms of Mental Diseases which are fact and one thing common disorder in all this which is depression.
Image source Pixabay
Most of us don't want to talk about mental health which is more important especially now like there is a lockdown everywhere due to a pandemic disease COVID-19 which has spread to around 200 countries as far and there is no drug or vaccine for the coronavirus (COVID-19) yet, there is only precautions including doctors are working to increase the immune system for those who are infected by a coronavirus and it is being treated in some natural ways.

During the lockdown, Everyone was in their home they had no physical work to do including they didn't meet with others and their business was also suffered so these people got a very bad effect on their mental condition overall they got depression.

Here you can see some major cause of Mental illness>>

Mental illness shouldn't be taken lightly, if you or someone feels depressed then you should talk to them and ask for their problem if they have a lot of problems then take them to psychiatrists. Don't try to take mental illness lightly if someone has trouble in mental health he can commit suicide if it is not treated by a specialist.
Mental Health is everyone's business so don't ignore it

Mental Illness Signs & Symptoms

If you or your loved one is suffering from psychological well-being issues, they experience one or longer of these feeling or behavior it could be an early indicator of mental illness such as:
  • Unreasonable Fears, Worries about everything, and Anxieties.
  • Most of the time feeling Helpless, Numb, and Hopeless.
  • Changes in Sleeping and Eating like too much or too little.
  • Assorted unexplained physical sicknesses.
  • Increasing the inability to cope with any kind of difficulties and activities.
  • Exclaim and fighting with everyone.
  • Irritability and anger most of the time.
  • Thinking too much about everything and it bothers you.
  • Taking too much drinking, smoking, or any type of drugs.
  • Thinking of harming yourself or your loved one.
  • Suicidal thoughts and Social withdrawal.
Image source Pixabay
According to a survey, around 45 % of employed says that anxiety and depression are harming their efficiency in the workplace.
Even children also could be a victim of mental illness so make them aware of mental illness. if you can't do this they can get mental illness which can affect their studies, health, and relations with family & friends.

Make Habit of These Following Things, that will help you to Come Out of It

These following things are the best and natural way for good mental health and get rid of any mental illness or any type of symptoms such as anxiety disorder, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, stress disorder, clinical depression, and many more. 
  • Healthy Foods:
Nature gave us numerous super nutritious food which has many surprising health benefits and there is some natural nutritious food that is specifically beneficial for our mental health.

1. Walnuts - It's full of antioxidants which help to prevent oxidation in the brain and walnuts also help to grow new brain cells, It's essential for good mental health.

2. Yogurt - Yogurt has nutritious which helps to lower stress, depression, and anxiety.

3. Fish - It has many nutritious which are very beneficial for our entire body specifically for the brain. Fish is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid which helps to boost mental health and reduce the anxiety level.

There are lots of nutritious foods that have amazing benefits of brain health >>
  • Exercise:
1. Laughter Therapy - Everybody knows that laughter therapy is good for health and its a truth laughing reduces stress hormones and increases immune cells including laughter release the Endorphins hormones which promote an overall sense of well-being.

2. Yoga - There are three types of yoga which are specifically beneficial for mental health:
Deep Breathing - It helps to reducde the anxiety and negative thoughts.
Meditation -  It is the best exercise for mental health, it helps to cognitive and behavioral functions and reduce depression and other types of disorders.
Head Stand -  Head Stand is good for entire brain health, it helps to reduce worrisome thoughts, unreasonable fear, stress, anxiety, and other.
3. Running - Running is one of the best exercises to reduce stress and feel relaxed, it also helps to reduce existing mental illnesses.
Image source Pixabay
Here are some other exercise for mental health>>

There are some common habits that you should have to acquire for good mental health and these habits help you to get rid of mental illness and type of diseases:

  • Increase Social Activity and Talk to People
  • Be Kindness - Do good for others, that is good for your self-esteem.
  • Try for Happiness - Happiness on keep going longer, on the off chance that you realize how to rehearse appreciation for what you have, at that point I accept happiness can be accomplished.


Coronavirus Update | Vaccine Ready in India | Labourer don't believe on COVID-19

Coronavirus infected cases have reached around three million in India which was emerged in China's Wuhan city in December 2019 and spread rising around the world,
image source Pixabay
India becomes the third-highest rank of infected cases of coronavirus around the world after Brazil and the United States of America. In India, around 3,170,942 people are infected and 58,390 have died due to COVID-19.
There are around 200 countries have been infected from coronavirus and 23,841,717 people have been infected and 817,694 people have died so far around the world from COVID-19.
The US has reached around 5,915,630 infected cases and 181,114 people have died by the coronavirus.
In Brazil, there are 3,627,217 people have affected by a coronavirus and 115,451 have died by COVID-19.
This is also the fact that India has a low fatality rate and recovery rate is higher than the other countries from coronavirus (COVID-19). India's recovery rate of COVID-19 patients is 72.80% which is a superiority for India because India's healthcare system isn't enough good.
Five states which are most affected by COVID-19 in India:
  • Maharashtra - 690,900
  • Tamil Nadu - 385,200
  • Andhra Pradesh - 361,700
  • Karnataka - 283,600
  • Uttar Pradesh - 192,300

Coronavirus Vaccine:

Around 9 months have been passed of COVID-19 diseases but there is no medicine and vaccine approved officially in any country, there are the only precautions.
Some countries have claimed that they have developed the coronavirus vaccine but there is no completion. Most of the developed countries are currently working to create a vaccine.

Image source Pixabay
Now, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan revealed that India may get a COVID-19 vaccine if all goes well by the end of this year.
Stage 2 human clinical test of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine person in the nation by Pune based Serum Institute of India is set to start today.
Additional Director of Serum Institute of India 'Prakash Kumar Singh' said that we are
going to produce accessible a world-class coronavirus vaccine for our country and make our country 'Aatmanirbhar' (self-dependent).
Serum Institute of India has banded together with British-Swedish pharma organization AstraZeneca for producing the vaccine of coronavirus (COVID-19) candidate, created by the Oxford University.
Here are some Top foods and Best exercises to boost the immune system.

Does Coronavirus Exist In India?

Some people don't agree on coronavirus, According to them there is no coronavirus in India, and WHO (World Health Organisation) has announced it a pandemic disease then the Indian government has strictly ordered for the lockdown to collect money from WHO, and the Government made relief funds to collect donations from Indians for their own.
People are saying according to the way the coronavirus spread, millions of people would have died by now because India has a very densely populated and coronavirus doesn't take time to enter the body.
People aren't wearing a mask they only wear a mask just for fear of the police, either they are not following the government instruction of social distancing they are meeting with others like before the coronavirus. Fortunately, these people are not infected with coronavirus even despite this negligence.
Is there any possibility that that government is misleading people to hide their failure and to make people afraid including they did nothing for poor people those who work at daily wages.

Why those people still can't believe that the coronavirus is existed, even before too many people were dying and still so many people are dying due to coronavirus.
Labourer in Coronavirus:
When the government announced the lockdown thousand of daily wages migrant workers who used to function in metro cities they didn't get work to suffer and the government failed to feed them and help them so the migrant workers decided to go their native places by walk, some labors have died due to accident and some died due to starvation.
Many individuals were helped them when they migrant laborers walked to their native places but the government didn't send any kind of help they just did a bit for a little show.

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